flipcatch says:
hey I’ve just come up with a good idea…so I’m trying it out to see how its recieved

fingerlickin says:
*reads……that’s rad. That must have been what happened to the name kt wanted. it wasn’t available when u tried to sign it up. but when u went to it, it didn’t exist

flipcatch says:
yeah it sucks…. particularly that wordpress don’t allow account names to be freed up once deleted.

fingerlickin says:
what’s their logic?

flipcatch says:
its something like a flat _no_ … accounts will never be freed up… no discussion. If you do it, its gone… and they will not recover it. ahh actually its about who deserves a name over who doesn’t deserve a name…. eg: if I get travelator.wordpress.com, then kill it so no-one else can use it….. but then WP frees it up, to give to someone else, and then they use the account to get popularity off the travelator name….. then I’m going to be pissed at WP … sooo WP, stays well away from it to prevent an arguement… I’m offering that people transfer between themselves, if they don’t want an account name anymore

fingerlickin says:
strange but i get their point. are u gonna keep blogging on that (blogswap) site?

flipcatch says:
rarely…. if I find something interesting about it…. I might….. but I’d rather just leave it open and see if people warm to the idea http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=22385&replies=1#post-167392 its worth a shot hey?

fingerlickin says:
yeah damn right…


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