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hello, I’ve started this ‘blog’ because I’m fed up of seeing decent blog and various account names taken by someone else, then either never used or deleted.

Now most signups, don’t allow those accounts to be freed up again. They simply disappear off the face of the planet and people that have the name you want, never log in again and / or are deleted and no-one gets to use them… ever.

So I’m proposing that if anyone, decides they aren’t going to use their account ever again, or simply gets bored of their blog/account… then to offer it up here, for other people to find and if they want it… to hook up with the owner and transfer it over between them.

Surely I can’t be the only person that’s fed up with seeing dead accounts, yet a really great name that people would love to utilise?

If you have an account, be it wordpress, blogger or any other that can have multiple administrators or logins, and you’re not using it anymore… don’t delete it, or leave it to rot. Post a comment here, giving your account url, leave a contact address, and let people find it. Once you connect with someone that wants it, simply add them as an administrator, then they can log into the account and remove you from admin rights… ta-daa.. you’re the new owner.

And if you find an account that isn’t being used, let them know they can ‘advertise’ it to a new owner. Eg: http://travelator.wordpress.com is still alive albeit unused… therefore, I’m going to leave a comment on the ‘travelator’ blog, letting them know that if they ever want to get rid of their account, offer it up here… and don’t delete it!

But unfortunately a cool account name like http://jumper.wordpress.com is dead… its gone forever!

Please people, lets stop deleting accounts… and start sharing the ones we don’t want. If you think this is a good idea, please blog about it, and link to https://blogswapper.wordpress.com … its not going to work otherwise.



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